Finally, The Truth About Young Girl Crying On Time Magazine Cover Is Revealed And It’s Just As We Suspected

For the last week, the mainstream media and the left have been flipping their lids over a false news report that children are being separated from their parents when crossing the border. The movement then picked up more steam when a photo was featured on Time magazine popped up showing a young girl crying after supposedly being ripped from her parent’s arms. While seeing a child crying tugs at anyone’s heartstrings the backstory was false and only used to cause further division in an already fractured country.

Now the real story behind this photo is emerging and just as suspected it is not as it appears. 

Here is more from Conservative Tribune:

It was the image that became emblematic of children separated from their parents as they crossed the border — a young girl crying that was featured on the front cover of Time Magazine.

Yanela Denise, 2-years-old, was crying as her mother was apprehended entering the United States from Honduras. The image was photoshopped as if she was confronting President Donald Trump, staring down at her as if terminally uncaring about her plight.

The reader must have imagined that the crying toddler was about to be “ripped” from her parents (“ripped” being the word of the moment, repeated ad nauseaum by the media whenever any discussion of immigration takes place) and taken to a Dickensian child warehousing facility where she’d be fed gruel and lost in some sort of bureaucratic maze.

There was just one problem: The only parent Yanela was separated from was her father, and it wasn’t by the U.S. government or the Trump administration.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the girl’s father, 32-year-old Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, says that his wife Sandra Maria Sanchez took his daughter on the dangerous journey from Honduras to reach the U.S. border on June 3 without notifying him.

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