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Obama’s Terrorists Want To Kill Cops and Seize Property In This Major CIty

Antifa claims to be an anti-fascists movement and claims to be fighting against fascism, but their actions prove the opposite. Interestingly enough, the “Antifa” movement began in a few European countries in the 1920’s and expanded outward to other countries eventually reaching America. The modern-day Antifa movement is funded by the elites like George Soros and Barack Obama and first burst onto the scene when they shut down Milo Yiannopoulos in February at the University of California at Berkeley.

The new Antifa has proven by their actions who the real fascists are, and all they need to do is look in the mirror. Antifa considers themselves to be rebelling against the establishment, whilst upholding all of its ultra-politically correct views. Antifa only dislikes racism when it’s carried out by whites and do not have the bottle to stand up against anti-white racism. I just call them morons.

As hypocritical as Antifa is, the organization is proving to be quite a big problem in our country. They are progressively becoming more dangerous and bold as each day passes. The mainstream media portrays Antifa in a positive light claiming they are champions of justice, but just look at any raw footage of their “protests” and you will realize their actions resemble riots much more than an actual protest.

Recently, Antifa has begun to arm themselves and call for open rebellion against the United States Government, and more specifically, against President Trump and his supporters. Antifa tries to paint themselves as champions of minorities but only if those minorities agree with them. If they don’t, then all bets are off.

According to The Daily Caller:

An armed Antifa group is launching a new cell in Philadelphia, with support from the “alt-left” alternative media.

The group currently hosts anti-police workshops called “Our Enemies in Blue.” The group draws inspiration from convicted murderers and calls for violence against the police, theft of goods, and armed insurrection.

Antifa websites like It’s Going Down, Sub.Media and Insurrection News have been promoting the group, which calls itself the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, calling on their readers to donate to a Fundrazr account for the creation of the new cell.

The press release the group published in far-left media is filled with hyperbolic claims about how “mosques are being ruthlessly bombed” and how “LGBTQ are being battered.”

“The destruction of black life continues unabated as millions languish in the plantations of the modern day slave system,” the group states.

Taking pride in the “legacy” of “Philadelphia’s rich revolutionary tradition,” RAM cites Mumia Abu Jamal, the Black Panther activist who shot and killed Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981.

It also cites Russell Shoats, who shot a police officer in the back five times in 1970. Similar to Antifa, the actions of the Black Panthers have been described as having a “very undefined purpose of assaulting police officers.”

Like other Antifa groups, RAM claims to oppose the usual -isms and white supremacy, but a quick look at the organization’s “Political Foundation” page, as highlighted by Far Left Watch, notes the inclusion of several alarming points, including the “Abolition of Gender,” and the “Expropriation and the Cooperative Economy.”

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (Screenshot: RAM website)

The latter calls on members to “expropriate” or “take away” goods, lands, and tools to “begin the revolutionary process.” Expropriation is another way of saying “seize” or “steal.”

The organization models itself after the so-called Rojava Revolution, a leftist guerilla movement currently active in northern Syria. RAM states that the communists offer a “foundation in communal and council-based political organization and militant defense.” The organizations within the Rojava Revolution are currently involved in combat against ISIS.

Far Left Watch notes that RAM has been hosting a variety of anti-police workshops including a “Legal Training” workshop, a class on the “Introduction to Anarchism,” and one called “Our Enemies in Blue,” which deals with anti-police action–or how to handle police officers during violent clashes.

Despite active calls for violence against law enforcement and revolution against the government, the liberal media has been surprisingly lenient in its coverage of Antifa, depicting them as righteous crusaders against the rise of white supremacy.

Antifa is George Soros’ unofficial army that is trying to destroy all that America stands for. The mainstream media won’t show you the truth, and networks like CNN tend to side with the dangerous terrorists. We are facing a very real threat, and every day that goes by the organization grows stronger and bolder. It’s only a matter of time until we are at an all-out war with the leftists, and it is fast approaching. Now that Antifa is arming their members, we have to be ready for anything.

H/T Daily Caller

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