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10 Times Karma Was a Real Bitch [PHOTOS]

No matter where you go in life, there will always be jerks. Jerks cutting you off on the highway, jerks ordering ten coffees in the Starbucks line, jerks just doing jerky things.  Some people can’t help it.  Doing jerkish things is their thing.


Now, just sit back and enjoy these moments of instant karma and we hope it makes you feel better.

#1 Shit just got real, yo.

#2 This person is going to regret parking over the line forever.

#3 That’s a shoplifter served right.

#4 No junk mail from now on.

#5 Wow! That’s a sweet way of expressing love.

#6 She just had the best revenge.

#7 Never use anyone’s stuff without asking.

#8 Rest in peace, poor guitar

#9 And that is why you should never do such stupid stuff.

#10 That’s karma right in the face.

H/T iLyke

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