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15 Year Old Girl Caught on Snapchat Having Sex With 25 Boys



A 15 year old girl who attends South Ft Meyers High School in Florida was filmed having sex with 25 boys in the girls bathroom at the school.  Allegedly, some of the photos and video ended up on Snapchat.  The girl has admitted to having sex with multiple boys on the day in question. Surveillance videos show 25 boys going into the bathroom and some students say they locked themselves up inside.  Several students admitted to seeing some of the content on Snapchat.

Deputies are alleged to have confiscated at least one cell phone from a student, said to contain images of the sex.  One student said he had heard that several members of the football team had sex with the girl and several of them were suspended from school.

SFMHS student Petislin Cadeau said: 'I heard a video was around but I never really saw it or anything. It just like circulated around'

Fox 4 obtained the report for the incident, pictured above, which detailed what happened in the school bathroom after school hours

From The Daily Mail:

Lisa Purnell said: ‘I’ve just heard that they were all filming it and I just think it’s really wrong. That shouldn’t have happened. They locked themselves into the bathroom.’ 

Kevin Ware, a parent, urged that a ‘thorough investigation’ needed to be carried out. 

He said: ‘Where were the teachers? Just a thorough investigation needs to be done. It’s terrible. I feel for the little girl, I feel for her parents. It’s just sad.’ 

While another parent, Eric Struble, who has two 15-year-old girls at the school described the incident saying: ‘Shock. Disbelief. Concern. Sad.’

He added: ‘It’s our job to protect our children and to teach them right from wrong.’

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