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20 DIY Things Students Invented That Burst With Imagination [PHOTOS]



Remember, necessity is the mother of invention. College students with no money have to do things differently and sometimes they come up with really cool ideas.

All sorts of DIY advice is designed to save us lots of money. And who needs help more than students? Their ingenious inventions often not only solve everyday problems, but also save their bank accounts from unexpected expenses.  And who knows, maybe they can parlay their ideas into profit once they graduate?

Bright Side has collected several superb ideas from resourceful students that will inspire you to think outside the box, and might just make your life a whole lot easier.

I bet there’s a physics student somewhere around here

An engineering degree in action

Car alarm? Who actually needs this?

When you haven’t got enough money for hooks

Here’s how my son fixed the shower head

Now the bag will no longer fall inside

How do you like this way of cooking?

Truly multi-functional

Why spend money on a microwave?

The iron’s broken? No worries

you can always do it this way round as well

A cheap alternative to a potato masher

Snowstorm + inventiveness

So that’s where the shopping carts disappear to

Perfect for ravioli

First come, first served

A bottle of water as a fire extinguisher

The next step up from building a house of cards

When you have no money to buy speakers

A second life for a pizza box

Every drink has its glass

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