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3 Bangor Michigan School Employees Resign Over MFK Game [VIDEO]

Two teachers and the secretary to the superintendent have resigned as the result of a video filmed at a bar in which 6 teachers and the secretary were playing the MFK game.  MFK stands for Marry, F**k and Kill.

The school’s lawyer claims that no students were named but many parents disagree and have attended a school board meeting in which they insisted all of the teachers be fired.  The school didn’t fire any of the teachers.  Four were given verbal warnings and two were given written warnings.  Why were they warned if they did not name students?

Two of the teachers were placed on five years of probationary status, meaning that the school would closely monitor their actions and could increase their punishment should they commit any other infractions in the future.


From The Blaze:

Prior to the two teachers’ Tuesday resignations, six teachers in total had been disciplined: Two received written reprimands and four were verbally reprimanded, WZZM reported.

Patti Waite, secretary to the superintendent, resigned Monday morning, WXMI-TV said.

Huber told TheBlaze a staff member named in the “kill” segment of the “MFK” game “felt threatened” and called police.

Bangor Police Chief Tommy Simpson told WZZM he watched the video and didn’t see anything in it that warrants criminal charges.

The mother of a special needs student allegedly named in the video told WOOD-TV before Monday’s school board meeting that all the teachers in the clip have “got to go.”

“I’m angry. I’m livid. Disgusted,” Amanda Reprogal told the station.


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