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3-Year-Old-Twins Drown In Washing Machine After Being Left Alone For 6 Minutes

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare.  You leave your kids alone for just a few minutes and you wind up having to mourn their loss for the rest of your life.


The parents looked for them for a half hour at their home in Rohini, Delhi, before the father found them in the family’s washing machine.


Twin 3-year-old boys died after drowning in a washing machine. The boys’ heartbroken mother says they were left alone for just minutes before she made the horrific discovery.

According to Fox News, a mother in Delhi, India, identified only as Rakhi, stepped out of the house for just six minutes to get some laundry detergent and when she returned, her worst nightmare had come true.

The mother came home to find an empty house and immediately began to panic. She called her husband, Ravinder, who rushed home to help look for the twins. After some time spent searching, the twins’ father made a horrific discovery – the twins were both face-down inside the washing machine, which was filled with water.

By the time the boys were found by their parents, it was too late. They were rushed to the hospital, but had both been without oxygen for too long. They were pronounced dead at the hospital.

“Mr. Ravinder immediately took the children to a nearby family hospital where the doctors declared them dead,” a police official told IANS news agency, according to the Independent. “Shocked father could not believe and took [the children] to Jaipur Golden Hospital where the doctors declared them dead.”

Police found no evidence of foul play. The boys’ bodies will be autopsied.

The mother told police that she had left piles of laundry next to the washing machine and that she believes her sons may have fallen into the washing machine after climbing the pile of clothing.

“It appears that one of the kids first climbed the heap [of clothes] to see what was inside the machine and fell inside head on,” Deputy Commissioner MN Tiwari with the Rohini police said. “The second child must have followed his brother. Since both of them fell head on, they were choked. There was no way they could have come out.”

According to Fox News, the boys were both undressed for a bath when they fell into the washing machine.

“They came into this world naked, they have left naked,” the boys’ grandmother said.

According to the Independent, the couple also has a 10-year-old son, who was at school at the time of the incident.

“The family is inconsolable,’ a Rohini police officer said, according to NDTV. “The bodies have been sent to Baba Saheb Ambedkar hospital in Rohini for postmortem. Inquest proceedings under Section 174 (police to inquire and report on suicide) of CrPC are underway.”

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