• October 1, 2022

Forget Trump University, How About the Clinton University? (Laureate)


Hillary Clinton is going off the deep end by trashing Donald Trump over Trump University.  What makes it even more hypocritical is her husband’s involvement with the biggest education hoax in history from which he made in excess of $16 million dollars.  By comparison Trump University is peanuts.  As Secretary of State in 2010 alone, Hillary awarded 15.1 million in grants, which is a coincidental number.  Laureate hired Bill Clinton as a “chancellor:.  He was paid 1 million dollars for the appointment plus an undisclosed amount which later turned out to be $15.1 million dollars.  Add in the initial 1 million and the total is 16.1 million.

The CGI university gave out degrees without having New York state certification, exactly the same charges New York AG Eric Schneiderman has brought against Donald Trump, which was a molehill compared to the Clinton CGI mountain. CGI stands for the Clinton Global Iniative)  So why did he charge Trump and not Clinton?  Schneiderman happens to be on the New York Leadership for Hillary Clinton and a notorious abuser of his office for political gain.

Hmmm.  She gave Laureate $15.1 million and then they paid Bill $15.1 million.  Can you say embezzlement and money laundering?  What’s interesting about that was that 2010 was the year Barack Obama cracked down on fake colleges and reduced the money they got from the federal government.  All but Laureate, which actually saw their grants double in Hillary’s first year as Secretary of State.

From The Daily Caller:

The Laureate Education went private in August 2007, in a multi billion dollar, risky, hugely leveraged transaction, closed in the last gasp of the bubble. The leveraged buyout was completed around August 2007 for approximately $3 billion in debt plus equity. The driving force behind the deal is of Friend of Bill (FOB) hedge fund king Steven Cohen, a poster child for bad hedge fund behavior. Henry Kravis and his KKR, Goldman Sachs and many others are in.

After the deal closed, the schools had great financial difficulties and these capital suppliers grew concerned. Bill Clinton’s pals were feeling squeezed as a profitable exit seemed less and less likely.

To dress the deal up in 2010, Bill Clinton was brought in to serve as “Chancellor,” a part-time position for which he was collecting $16 million through early 2015.

That is still peanuts.  Laureate continued to be eligible Pell Grant and student loan money even after it was revealed to be a fraud.

From Red Statements and The PC Graveyard:

I wrote this story originally for Red Statements on April 26th of 2015.  At that time, I came under attack from liberals that my story was totally false.  here on August 3rd the press has caught up with me and not only confirm my story but reveal that the amount Clinton was paid by Laureate was in excess of 16 million dollars.  So, to those liberals trolls that cried their eyes out over my story, I say “pucker up Buttercups”.  You know where to kiss.

Here is my original story:

On Friday, Bill Clinton stepped down from the board of Laureate International Universities.  Detractors say he did it because he knew that his position there would soon be scrutinized. Supporters claim his five year term had expired.  This is Bill Clinton we are talking about, so you decide for yourself.

Peter Schweizer, the author who wrote the tell all book on how the Clintons got rich has given one of the chapters to Bloomberg Politics, who broke the story.  Clinton propagandists have taken to the airwaves and newspapers to condemn Schweizer and his book, but somehow have not been able to criticize his facts other than to say they are wrong.  No evidence, just words.  No one has contested the facts in his book other than to say that just because the Clintons helped Canadian and Russian companies accumulate large quantities of uranium now controlled by Russia while they profited by 35 million, it’s totally innocent.  That’s the kind of innocent I’d like to be.

Bill Clinton was hired by Laureate just as Obama was drafting rules to make it harder for universities and colleges who operate on a for profit basis to get government grants and to be eligible for accepting federal aid for students.  At that time congress was also beginning an investigation into colleges such as itself.  It paid off big for both Laureate and the Clintons.

Bill Clinton was paid an undisclosed sum for his work as well as approximately 1 million in speaking fees at various Laureate campuses.  Laureate profited too because thanks to the Clinton connection, instead of a steep cut in government funding, they saw a huge increase.  In Bush’s last year, Laureate received 11 grants worth $9 million from the State Department and an affiliated group, USAID.  In the fiscal year 2010, Hillary’s first as Secretary of State, Laureate received 14 grants worth $15.1 million.  That means while others were getting cuts, Laureate received more than a 50% increase.

In 2011, they took in 14.6 million from 13 grants and in 2012 that increased to  21 grants worth $25.5 million.  That figure includes a grant directly from the State Department.  Clinton apologists point out that Laureate got grants from the Bush administration.  That’s true but for much less and even that number would have been cut were it not for the Clinton Cash Machine.

Coincidentally (or not) the Clinton Foundation received contributions from Laureate of somewhere between 1 and 5 million dollars.  Laureate featured Bill Clinton in all of it’s advertising and on it’s web page.

Laureate refused to comment on this story other than to call it false, although they did not dispute the numbers.

Vindication is good.



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