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EXPLOSION In Central Park Severs Man’s Foot, Authorities Not Ruling Out Terrorism

It’s Ramadan. In fact it ends on July 5th. One day after our Independence Day celebration. New York’s Central Park was the site of an explosion today. And, as usual, authorities are quick to quash any connection to terrorism. Another coincidence? The explosion happened just a few blocks from the memorial service held for the recently deceased, famous holocaust survivor and jewish political activist Elie Wiesel.

Way too many coincidences if you ask me.


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And details of the blast, and just who the police are looking at, and not looking at here in NYDAILYNEWS:

The explosive appeared to have been in the area more than a day, according to Lt. Mark Torre, the commanding officer of the NYPD’s Bomb Squad said. He ruled out authorities’ initial suspicion of a self-inflicted fireworks mishap.

Two friends of the victim insisted they had no fireworks or other explosives. One witnesses said the victim’s foot was “all but gone.” Another said the blast sounded “like a cannon.”

Bomb-sniffing dogs combed the area around the explosion. Cops also examined a car parked at Newark Airport that the victim used to drive to New York, sources said.

The FBI took over investigation of the case, a source said.

Golden’s two friends — Thomas Hinds, 20, and Matthew Stabile, 18, — went into shock after the bizarre blast.

Hinds told the Daily News in an interview from the 19th Precinct stationhouse that he had just stepped off of a large rock in the park with Golden behind him when the blast went off.

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