5-Year-Old Spots Something Wrong In Starbucks Bathroom, Mom Immediately Dials 911 [VIDEO]

Starbucks has a pretty solid reputation. The American coffee company and coffeehouse chain have been going strong since 1971, where it was originally founded in Seattle, Washington. Its success can be seen in the 23, 768 chains that are operated worldwide. It repeatedly sets the record for taste, quality, and customer experience and is considered a leader in “second wave coffee,” due to its dark roasted coffee and efficient automated espresso machines.

The famous coffee company has also received its stellar reputation due to the fact that it is on board with recycling and fair trade, using 10% recycled paper for their cups and introducing a line of fair trade products. They’ve also been known to donate their pastries to food banks across the United States and have made great connections with the Food Donation Connection and Feeding America.

It’s no surprise why Starbucks has managed to remain a leader amongst coffee companies across the world, as they are constantly keeping up with the changing times and working hard to continuously better their products to satisfy their customers. They are also known for their exceptional customer service. But, recently one of the California Starbucks chains has received a bit of bad press because of what is suspected to be the act of a perverted customer.

When a mom and her five-year-old son used the bathroom at the Lancaster Starbucks, they discovered something quite unsettling. The mom, who wishes to remain anonymous, noticed that her son had an odd expression on his face while he stared at the sink in the restroom. When she asked him what was wrong, he pointed to a phone that was tucked underneath the sink.

Upon closer observation, the woman noticed that the phone had been set to video mode and was actively filming.

“It’s such a violation of privacy,” said the mom. “Not only of mine but my son.”

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