• July 19, 2024

76% of Police Chiefs Surveyed Say Guns Save Lives


One of the popular myths the liberals use when fighting for gun confiscation is that the police believe less guns in the public’s hands makes for less crime.  That would be true if you only took the guns from criminals, but liberals are only interested in disarming law abiding citizens.  For the 28th year a survey of Police Chiefs resulted in numbers that are sure to force liberals to crawl off to their safe spaces.  76% of police chiefs say that private gun ownership reduces violent crime.

Almost 88% say that they think that any properly vetted person should be able to own a gun for sport or protection.  A remarkable nearly 87% say they support a national reciprocal concealed carry law.  This is because it is so confusing for gun owners to keep track of laws, especially in liberals states, where gun laws are changed on a weekly basis sometimes.

A perfect example of how more guns means less crime is the city of Kennesaw, Georgia.  Back in 1982, the town was tired of all the crime and the toen council passed a law that every household must own a gun.  The city has grown big because the crime rate is so ridiculously low.    That makes good reading.


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