• November 28, 2022

A Judge Forced Her To Do THIS Favor For Thug Ex-Boyfriend Who Tried To Kill Her Or Face Jail Time

Natalie Allman’s five-year-old twin sons were just two-years-old when they witnessed Jason Hughes, their father, beat Allman to a pulp with dumbbell weights and cut her throat with a Swiss Army knife. He didn’t stop there, attempting to suffocate her with a pillow. They were separated at the time but living together until he could find another place to live.

Now her fiancee is in prison where he belongs and Allman finally thought she was free of his wrath – until a judge informed her of a controversial court order that has everyone on the internet outraged!

Allman was ordered by a judge to write letters to Hughes to update him on the status of their kids. If she refused to do so, she was told that she would be held in contempt of court and could face jail time of her own.

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