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A Woman Treated Like An Animal Rescued After Being Locked Up For 16yrs

A Brazilian woman was rescued after being locked up for 16 years. The woman was suffering cruel punishment at the hands of her father and brother after she became pregnant before her marriage.


According to Brazilian Police, they were tipped off to the situation, and went to the home where they found the woman who is now 36 years old.


Police said that Maria Lucia de Almeida Braga, has been locked up since she was 20 years old as punishment for becoming pregnant.

She was treated like an animal. Braga was placed inside a locked 3×3 meter room with no bathroom, water or electricity.

She was left naked and with only a hammock in the room to sleep on. She was fed two times a day.

When Braga gave birth to a baby boy, he was taken away from her and placed with another family.

She never saw him again. Police have rescued the woman and they now tracked down her son, who is 15 years old. He and his mother will be reunited.

Police have arrested the victim’s brother as he helped his father keep her locked up. Police said that the family lives in a remote area outside the town of Uruburetama, so nobody heard the victim’s screams for help.

The victim’s father was not arrested because he had a stroke and is in poor health. Police said that the victim’s mother had tried to help her daughter, but her husband and son kept her from doing so.

The mother developed psychological problems after her daughter was locked up, and she remains bed-bound.

Authorities said that the victim is underweight, but she is getting better under doctors care.



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