Abolishing Police No Longer Good Enough, BLM Leader in Philly Targets Military Bases Abroad

Black Lives Matter woke, three weeks ago: Get rid of policing, that’ll reduce crime.

Black Lives Matter woke, July 8: Get rid of American bases overseas, that’ll reduce the threat.

Now, granted, Philadelphia Black Lives Matter organizer and activist YahNé Ndgo isn’t representative of the whole organization. However, in an illuminating interview, if for no other reason than because it offered glimpse into who holds power in the decentralized Black Lives Matter organization, Ndgo suggested not only the abolition of police — that goes without saying — but the abolition of American military bases not on our soil.

On Tuesday, Ndgo laid out Black Lives Matter’s plan to Fox News for living in a post-police world — because make no mistake, she doesn’t want to just defund or cut back on the police, she wants them abolished. Thus, she would obviously need some resources to shift in order to make it work.

One thing she wanted was to put a stop to the Department of Defense programs which, to quote her, “[take] military-grade equipment and transfers it into local police departments.”

“It just increases the resources to these police terror groups. And so shifting those resources from that, you have these federal resources that are being used in these ways that could easily be shifted into the communities to address these issues around poverty,” Ndgo said.

“There are over 800 U.S. military bases around the world,” she said. This includes the Pentagon’s AFRICOM program, “which puts military bases in almost every country on the African continent,” according to Ndgo.

Fox reporter Hollie McKay dryly pointed out that, according to maps obtained by The Intercept earlier this year, this only includes 29 out of 54 countries — certainly not a sign of disengagement on the continent, but also roughly half of what she thought it was. Oh well. She moved on.

“[Defunding] these particular programs would provide massive amounts of resources for the communities in the United States and that would mitigate most of the problems that create the so-called problem of crime,” Ndgo said.

Not that it matters to Black Lives Matter, but Military Times reported that the AFRICOM program is meant to address several key U.S. objectives in the region — including countering Russian and Chinese influence in Africa. Saying that it doesn’t matter is interesting, given that I can’t think of any way black lives in the region wouldn’t get considerably worse if China’s influence on the continent increased.

It’s worth mentioning, however, because it mirrors how strangely absent of real-world concerns the Black Lives Matter movement’s talking points are.


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