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About Time..Muslim Woman Charged With Hate Crime..Media Silent



The media has been playing up false charges of racism right and left and each one has been exposed as a fraud.  But let a real hate crime take place with a Muslim woman as the perp and they suddenly become mute.  But that’s what happened when a Muslim woman started spitting on every white person she ran across in a local Walmart in Palm Bay, Florida.  When police took her into custody, she admitted spitting on people for being white, which allowed the police to charge her with a hate crime.  She is out on $6,000 bail.  Steps are being taken to send her back to Saudi Arabia.

The perp has been identified as 21 year old Nahu Mohammed Al-Doaifi.

Terry Rakowski said in an interview she was merely trying to assist Al-Doaifi as she was repeatedly ramming her cart in the door.

That was when Al-Doaifi spat on Rakowski. “She just spit all over me,” she said.

It is reported that Al-Doaifi then began spitting on other customers in the store. Because she admitted to spitting on people because of their race, she was charged with a hate crime, according to a spokesperson for the Palm Bay Police Department.

Al-Doaifi was jailed an issued a $6,000 bond. She faces felony charges if the hate crime allegation sticks.

It was last reported that procedures were initiated to send Al-Doaifi back to Saudi Arabia and we couldn’t be more excited about that.


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