• January 24, 2022

Alarm Sounds Off At Secured Building In Georgia Where Ballots Are Kept

Things with the audit are getting so interesting lately that are being to remind me of a telenovela (Spanish soap opera) like my grandmother used to watch. There are so many twists and turns with it that every day that I wake up and check the news I am stunned with the updates.

So, the recap on the Georgia audit goes a little something like this…

Last week, a Georgia judge ruled that 147,000 ballots from Fulton County are allowed to be unsealed and audited. Since that ruling, the Democrats have done everything they can to delay the process of the audit and even have gone as far as to even stop it.

When that failed it appears they are going to plan b. Breaking in.

A Newsmax correspondent reported that the alarm went off at the secured building where the ballots from Fulton County are kept.

An attorney who’s leading the charge in the audit also took a picture of the door being wide open at the facility too.

Take a look yourself:

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