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ALERT: Biden ADMITTED People Tell Him What To Do!

We all have said that Joe Biden is not in charge and that it is clear that someone else is calling the shots, but of course, that idea has been shrugged off as just another “wild conspiracy” theory.

For months, it has been evident to anyone that has the eyes to see that Biden is, to put it mildly not all there in his mental faculties.

It is clear that he isn’t firing on all cylinders and this is supposed to be the most powerful man in the country and the world, right? The president of the United States is the man who is supposed to give the order, guide the people, and be the strong leader we need in times of crisis, but that isn’t the case, and even Biden is admitting to that.

In a news conference yesterday, Biden went ahead and admitted to the press pool that he was not calling the shots.

Biden who is supposed to hold the nuclear codes that could destroy a nation in moments has to be told who to call on first during a presser.

Watch as Biden tells the reporters in the room who has been “instructed” to call on first.

According to Fox News:

President Biden raised eyebrows on Thursday as he began taking questions from reporters for the first time since the Kabul terror attacks.

Hours after two suicide bombings outside the airport that left at least 13 U.S. servicemen dead, Biden broke his silence and offered a somber message to the nation amid the military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

While it has become normalized for the president to rely on a list of pre-selected reporters, he made a rather stunning admission in the process.

“Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell from NBC,” Biden kicked off the press conference.

… However, the press conference was overshadowed by the “instructed” remark, which became a viral moment.

“What is going on?” BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock reacted.

“Who the hell is in charge here?” Washington Examiner commentator Tiana Lowe asked.

“Amazing. And everyone goes along with this,” The Spectator contributor Stephen Miller wrote, adding, “He is not in charge.”

“He said instructed. J**** C*****,” Washington Examiner Magazine managing editor Jay Caruso tweeted.

“Biden just said ‘I was instructed to call on’ this reporter! Who instructed him to call on the reporter? Who’s really in charge? Are you kidding me?” Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., exclaimed.

It seems like a lightbulb has gone off in most of these reporters’ minds that Joe Biden is not in charge and that he is just taking orders, but from who, and also why?

American citizens and servicemen are dying and the American people and this is what we get?

A fake president who doesn’t even know who to call on during a presser?

This is unreal and quite frankly, disgusting.

Whoever is giving him the instructions on who to call in the press room might need to tell him it is time for him to step down too.

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