• October 6, 2022

Alert: Radiation Levels Show Sudden And Dramatic Rise in Virginia

Radiation detectors from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are showing a sudden and dramatic rise in Gamma radiation in and around Harrisonburg, VA.

According to the privately-funded Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (NETC.com) Gamma radiation in Harrisonburg is now at 429 Counts-Per-Minute (CPM).  This is much higher than the “typical” reading of 255 CPM over the past three months.

The chart below outlines the situation:


While our planet and all our environments always have some levels of radiation, from naturally-occurring sources or even from Cosmic Rays penetrating our atmosphere from space, today’s level of radiation is described as a “Radiation Condition (RadCon) 5 Alert”

Gamma radiation is very powerful and it penetrates pretty much everything. In fact,  6 feet of lead will only reduce Gamma radiation by half!

The effects of being exposed to radiation are CUMMULATIVE.  They add up together, one on top of another.  SO being exposed to a small amount each day, adds-up.  But our bodies are able to deal with this under normal circumstances.

However, when Radiation levels reach today’s amount, our bodies may not do so well.  In fact, according to the “Nuke Professional”  exposure rates like RadCon-5 are linked to causing Cancer.  The chart below from Nuke Professional explains:


Persons in and around Harrisonburg are advised to stay indoors.  Keep windows closed.  If you go outside, it may be helpful to wear an N-95 or N-100 filter mask. If you have been outside and have returned home, remove clothing and place directly in the laundry, then launder immediately.

Take a shower with plain soap and water, then shampoo your hair; his will remove any radiation which may have fallen onto your body while outside. Before using outdoor grills, furniture or playgrounds, thoroughly clean or hose off the items before using them.

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