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Amazon Bestselling Book Hilariously Trolls Democrats

A book titled “Reasons To Vote For Democrats” has recently peaked at #4 on Amazon’s “New Releases” section and is #7 overall in Amazon’s bestselling section. The book has been described as “thorough” by Ben Shapiro, who’s an author and editor-in-chief at Daily Wire. The book also has over 300 reviews and has a nearly perfect 5 star rating on the site as well. It’s truly a must read if you’re in the market of searching for reasons to vote Democrat. I’ve personally read the book, and found it very easy to see the message the author was trying to present to the reader – it was a real page turner. I know we typically post about Conservative news, but this story was too powerful to pass up.


The best part of the book? The 266 completely empty pages. The book contains a table of contents, a bibliography and the rest of it is completely blank. The second best part of the book? It’s currently ranked ahead of a recent book released by Trevor Noah, a “comedian” over at Comedy Central. Noah is a known Democrat supporter who uses his platform on Comedy Central to push his own political agenda and slam president Trump and his administration whenever he can.

10/10 would buy this book.

H/T The Daily Caller

Blank Book Called ‘Reasons To Vote For Democrats’ Becomes Bestseller

A book called “Reasons To Vote For Democrats“ by the Daily Wire’s Michael J. Knowles is currently the number 7 book overall on Amazon’s best seller list, with almost 300 reviews and nearly a perfect five-star rating.

The funny part? Its pages are blank.

Trolling Democrats and serious political authors everywhere, the blank book is currently number 4 on Amazon’s “New Releases” section and the number 1 book in “Political Humor,” notably surpassing a book by Trevor Noah, who is reportedly an actual comedian who wrote an actual book, complete with words and paragraphs.

“Reason To Vote For Democrats“ has a table of contents, a bibliography, and 266 numbered, mostly-white pages to boot.

Michael Knowles works for the Daily Wire and serves as the “nobel-prize winning cultural correspondent” for the Andrew Klavan Show.

Ben Shapiro, author and editor-in-chief of Daily Wire called the book “thorough.”

Knowles will be on “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning at 6:50 AM to discuss his best-selling book, which you can pick up on Amazon for 9 bucks.

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