• May 25, 2022

Ambassador Stevens’ Fiance Blames Hillary for His Death


Ambassador Chris Stevens’ former fiancée, Lydie Denier makes the claim that Hillary Clinton resigned as the Secretary of State because she realized how badly she had screwed up in Benghazi.  I don’t agree.  Hillary has screwed up everything she has ever touched and she is still going forward as if she were competent.

 “She was at the top at the time; she was the secretary of state.  What I always wondered is suddenly she decided to quit her job as secretary of state earlier than people were expecting.”

“Did someone tell her, ‘Listen, you made a big boo-boo and you have to get out?’ That subject has never been brought to the public.”

Dernier has just written a book called  “A Voice for Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens,” in which she discusses the needless deaths of Amb Stevens and the other three members of the Benghazi Four.

From The Conservative Tribune:

Understandably, she said that Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted for the country — she certainly proved that she couldn’t handle the one situation that claimed the life of Denier’s fiancee.

“If we cannot trust her for Americans, how can we trust her for the whole country? It doesn’t make sense. In my book, I do talk about that and about what happened … Chris was and knew, was extremely knowledgeable about Libya and what was going on. He should’ve been listened to,” said Denier.

The book also took time to celebrate who Stevens was as a person. His fiancée understandably remembered him fondly.

“The Chris Stevens I knew was fun and loving, caring, always putting others in front of everything instead of himself,” she said.

Ultimately, Steven gave his life for his country — but he shouldn’t have had to.

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