• June 13, 2024

America Is Set To Ban REAL MEAT Sooner Than You Think…

To paraphrase the great Ronald Reagan, who always knew how to sum things up in a short phrase, the scariest phrase in the human language is “I’m from the government and I’m here to help!”

In other words, anytime the government gets involved you can be guaranteed one thing: it will most certainly do more harm than good

This is why I am honestly perplexed and appalled by people that have expressed excitement about “The Great Reset”.

The Great Reset.



They are all BAD even though it sounds good to everyone who reads it.

Remember, Satan is the father of lies and this is just another one of them.

Wow, that all sounds great, but it isn’t.

It’s designed to SOUND great, but the only problem is it will be 100% the polar opposite of what they are promising you.

Kind of like, oh I don’t know, the “Patriot Act”.

Sounds great right?

Who wouldn’t want the Patriot Act?

Except, in reality, it turned out to be the LEAST possible Patriotic thing you could do, absolutely destroying liberty and freedom.

This will be the exact same thing, trust me.

Actually, don’t “trust” me, let me show you.

In a recent decision by the Food and Drug Administration, there is a plan to BAN real meat.

Not even kidding a little bit.

The decision to ban real meat will be implemented on April 1. 2024.

The decision comes after the repeated public appeals to the Western world by Bill Gates to stop eating real meat as a climate control effort.

According to the FDA, natural beef production is a primary culprit of climate change.

I cannot even begin to wrap my head around that thought process, to begin with, but here we are. I am sure little Greta Thunberg is so happy.

We all can drive around in our electric cars, with no gender, eating our fake meat sandwiches.

Sounds almost like the book of Revelations to me.

So how did we even get here?

Do you remember years back when they started discussing how cow farts were causing global warming?

Most of us laughed at how absurd it sounded, but those government elites have still been running with it.

In fact, The University of California researchers measured the amount of methane emitted by the average cow, concluding cattle “are the No. 1 agricultural source of greenhouse gases worldwide”.

They went on to say that a single cow produces about 220 pounds of methane, and methane from cattle is 28 times more potent in warming the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

Do you see where we going with this?

As explained in the Navdanya International report, “Bill Gates & His Fake Solutions to Climate Change,” an excerpt of which was published by The Defender in April 2021:

“One of Bill Gates’s” most recent promotions is his prescriptions of synthetic foods for developed countries as a means to combat climate change. In a recent interview with MIT Technology Review, Gates says he thinks ‘all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef.’ Fake food replaces animal products with highly processed food grown in labs, like fake meat, fake dairy products, or fake eggs.

It is made possible by technical innovations such as synthetic biology, which involves reconfiguring the DNA of an organism to create something entirely new. For instance, plant-based meat companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods use a DNA coding sequence from soybeans or peas to create a product that looks and tastes like real meat.

Some companies are also investing in cell-based meat, grown from real animal cells, but it has yet to reach the market. More and more firms are getting involved in this fast-growing market, like Motif Foodworks (plant-based meat and dairy alternatives), Ginkgo Bioworks (custom-built microbes), BioMilq (lab-grown breast milk),

Nature’s Fynd (fungi grown meat and dairy alternatives), Eat Just (egg substitutes made from plant proteins), Perfect Day Food (lab-grown dairy products) or NotCo (plant-based animal products made through AI), to name but a few.”


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