• April 13, 2024

Another Country Is Set To Join France In Battle… ISIS Never Expected This To Happen

German political leaders have urged Chancellor Angela Merkel to join an international coalition including Russia to help eliminate ISIS.

Chancellor Merkel has held talks in Turkey this week with world leaders as part of the G20 summit.

At home, members of her conservative parliamentary group have urged Mrs Merkel to abandon Germany’s overwhelmingly pacific foreign policy.

Christian Democrat politician Henning Otte said Germany should use ‘all available means’ as part of the fight against ISIS.

His colleague, Jürgen Hardt told the Wall Street Journal: ‘If there is a new a joint effort under the umbrella of the United Nations that includes both Russia and the Western world, Germany should make a substantial contribution to this international coalition, and not just in the diplomatic and economic spheres, but also in the military sphere.’

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