• June 21, 2024

Another Day, Another Democratic Member of Congress Indicted…Yaawwwnnnn


Rep Corrine Brown is set to be arraigned in a Florida court on Friday morning on charges of public corruption.  (Unfortunately her name is not Clinton)  Although much of the information is sealed, it is thought to be in connection with a phony charity she was involved with.  The charity, One Door for Education, Inc. ,   which was never registered and has never paid taxes took in over $800,000 in contributions and paid out one $1,000 scholarship.

One Door director Carla Wiley pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges for transferring $150,000 from the charity to events to benefit a political candidate believed to be Brown, since Brown is being arraigned just 4 months after Wiley’s plea deal was approved.  The recipient is only identified as Person A.  It goes on to say that Person A hosted a fundraiser at a golf course in Jacksonville the same month that Brown hosted a golf tournament at that very golf course.

From The Daily Caller:

Brown had a colorful career in the U.S. House even before her impending indictment. She delivered an address congratulating the University of Florida football team in 2009 for winning a national title, which was filled with mispronounced names and ungrammatical statements. (RELATED: Top Dem On Veterans Affairs Committee Skips American Legion Conference In D.C.)

She accused Mexican-American assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega in 2004 of being part of “a bunch of white men” imposing a “racist” policy on Haiti. When Noriega objected, Brown said that Hispanics and whites “all look alike to me.”

Brown was also criticized for having a daughter who works as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Brown repeatedly requested earmarks for organizations her daughter represents as a lobbyist.
Even though Brown has been publicly under investigation for several months, she is still running for reelection in the 5th District, though two Democrats are mounting a primary challenge against her.


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