• April 15, 2024

Another Deputy Attacked Then This Happened That Stopped The Attack In Its Tracks

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is praising three men who helped a deputy while he was being attacked Sunday morning in Winter Haven.

Deputy Mike Walsh said he had to slam on his motorcycle’s brakes so that a driver, who ran a stop sign, wouldn’t hit him.

According to sheriff’s officials, Walsh attempted to pull Corey Johnson over, but said Johnson sped off, eventually pulling over about 1/2 mile down the road.

Walsh said Johnson then got out of his car and started punching him in the head and face. He said Johnson knocked him to the ground and continued beating on him.

The deputy managed to get away, and Johnson tried to flee. Walsh said there were three good Samaritans driving by who were determined to keep Johnson from leaving.

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Investigators said George Cooper helped the deputy, who was still on the ground, and then began chasing Johnson. They said Antonio Velazquez got out of his car and tried to tackle Johnson. Former law enforcement officer Christopher Carver also jumped in to help, investigators said.

“What I saw pulling up was (Walsh) and(Johnson) rolling around in the center median. By the time I got out of my car, they had crossed the westbound lanes, and I ran over, and the officer finally got him on the ground, and I just jumped in to help,” Carver said.

Walsh was bruised and broke a thumb in the incident, investigators said. They said that having his motorcycle helmet on was a help.

Channel 9 learned that Johnson has been arrested up in Polk County seven times prior to Sunday’s incident. One of those times, he was charged with battery on an officer or firefighter.

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