• July 19, 2024

Anti-Gun? Usually it’s White People


Most anti-gun whites live in bastions of delusional liberal-mostly white-utopias, where their only struggle is bantering back and forth among themselves in a civilized discussion of what restaurant will get their business Friday evening for dinner. Can you picture them?…namby-pamby wussy males idly standing by in rainbow colored polo shirts and coordinating stupid sweaters tied around their necks that wifey picked out. If only the rest of us Americans didn’t screw up their aloof isolated lives with our loud passion for archaic things such as guns. These gun hating whities are robotic mouth pieces, regurgitating the manufactured gun horror stories abounding nightly on the anti-gun propaganda news stations. Such types usually have equally surrendered their souls to a life of earth worship, aka tree hugging, only organic products, hemp admiration, and oil industry hating. The rest of us insignificant humans are a reminder to them, the chosen, of a gun-loving American history that they in their utopian communities-of an advanced society-have no need for, which leaves such a bad taste in one’s mouth. After all, they are much too pious and sophisticated to see a need for a g.u.n. They hide away in upper income sometimes gated communities, where even their part of town have an invisible gate to keep big city bad guys (black) out. Affording such isolated crime-free lives, they are smug and self-righteous with their noses up in the air for any beliefs other than their own anti-American thinking. Yes, anti-American, hating guns and gun control are as anti-American as one can get. Centuries ago men gave up their fortunes, and their lives pledging their sacred honor to defending our right to possess and bear guns. Yet the brain dead whites have no need for guns, if only for the fact that their circle of life excludes the dangerous individuals so common and present where most of Americans have to tread. I say, hey walk in my shoes, and see if you don’t feel the need for cold hard steel, and a full metal jacket! Every night on the news where I live the democrats’ favorite poster children –whom they love to fawn over- are out committing grievous crimes against the everyday Joes who are just going about their everyday lives.

This type also rationalizes that the government is their friend –nothing to fear here-and everything is just fine

These purposely ignorant head-in-the-sand folks, are the same people who think if you are nice to Muslims that they will play fair and won’t cut heads off. In fact they agree, Islam is a religion of peace.

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