Antifa attacks pick-up truck in Portland, tries to block it with motorbike, but the driver wasn’t going to be another victim!

Last night in Portland, Antifa attacked a pick-up truck that had driven up to one of their anger sessions. An idiot with a motorbike rammed the truck and then dropped his bike in front of the truck to block it from going forward. But the driver had other plans and took quick action:


Here’s the attack from a different angle. It shows the truck busting through a fence to escape:


Andy Ngo has another angle that shows Antifa thugs slashing this guy’s tires before he takes off:

Ngo says that they caught up to the truck and smashed it. I believe that maybe what we are seeing at the end of the video above this one where they are photographing the truck.

Some BLM account claimed the driver was on foot in a white shirt, armed, giving his whereabouts so he could be attacked:


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