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Antifa in Showdown Over Jefferson Davis Memorial From the Black Confederacy

Members of the Black Confederacy have been protecting the Jefferson Davis Memorial in New Orleans from the pussies of Antifa.  The snowflakes gathered up large chains (No word on where they looted them from since they can’t use EBT to pay for chains) and were planning on taking down the memorial using their cars.  Social Justice Warriors have no understanding of the Civil War whatsoever.  They think the Confederacy existed to preserve slavery, when the war was not fought over slavery.


The fact is only a relatively small group of Southerners owned slaves and they were mostly concentrated on large plantations.  You could not have raised an army in the South to save slavery as an institution. It was a war brought on by tariffs.  Everything was fine when there was an equal representation in Congress for the North and South.  But once the North took an advantage, they began passing tariffs because Southern states could get more from England for their cotton and finished products were cheaper.  The tariff was raised incredibly high to force the South to buy goods from Northern factories.

Slavery finally became an issue in 1863, two years after the war began.  And even then it wasn’t really about ending slavery.  The Emancipation Proclamation freed exactly zero slaves because it exempted Northern states and Southern states did not recognize Lincoln as their president.  Prior to the EP, Northern troops were forced to return escaped slaves to their owners in the South under the Fugitive Slave law.  The EP ended that and it robbed the South valuable manpower for the plantations while most able bodied men were needed in the Army.

The Southern Heritage belongs to blacks and whites combined.  After the war, Blacks found they were being treated better in the South than in the North.  The Northeners did not like to hire blacks and in the South it was different because blacks and whites had lived together for so long and had a better understanding of each other, except democrats who hated blacks as bad in 1865 as they did in 1965.  Some people find this hard to believe since as slaves blacks were treated badly and did not get to enjoy the fruits of their labors like many taxpayers of today when facing massive taxes produced by democrats.

That being said, there is no justifying slavery ever in the United States.  Period.  Don’t try.

Black Rebel and a group of black Confederacy supporters have been guarding the Jefferson Davis monument at night from the liberal mayor and communist Antifa protesters. Unhinged leftist taunts black patriots guarding the Jefferson Davis Monument in New Orleans this week. (Advocate)

The pro-confederate protesters and Antifa terrorists are calling for mass protests on Sunday.

From a reader:

Antifa is reportedly bringing half trucks with chains to pull down the monuments in New Orleans.

Black Rebel sent out a call for support this week to patriots across the country to help defend the Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

A local patriot called on supporters to come help them confront the communists and Antifa terrorists on Sunday.

“Things are going to get dirty… The confederacy is a fact of the south. It aint never going to go away. Tearing down monuments is not going to make it go away.”

Things could come to a head on Sunday when the two groups are set to clash.  But since Antifa will not be able to gang up on people at 10 to 1, I expect them to shout and scream and little else.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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