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Antifa Organizer Runs Off And Marries A Refugee Begs To Come Home After Receiving Savage Wedding Gift

If you haven’t heard of Lacy MacAuley, she is a left-wing ANTIFA organizer who promotes riots across the country. She was also featured in Project Veritas’ undercover video exposing her as one of the morons behind the violent protests during Trump’s inauguration. Like most left-winger, she crusaded for Muslim rights in America and even helped the terrorist scum get in the country, under the guise of refugees of course. She was determined to prove that Islam is a peaceful loving religion.


Then she met a Muslim man and fell in love with him. That’s when things took a turn. She moved to Turkey to be with her new lover but quickly realized her views on the so-called religion of peace couldn’t be farther from the truth. Over time she was exposed to the brutal reality of their way of life and realized she was wrong. She wrote a blog explaining how horrible it was to live under Sharia Law and the brutal ways she was treated.

Here is a few snippets from Lacy the Muslim lover’s blog. It’s quite interesting to see her open her eyes to the true meaning of Islam.



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