• March 31, 2023

AOC Tried To Rip Elon Musk And It TOTALLY Backfired!

The left tries to hold AOC up as this young, bright mind, but the woman is dumb.

The only reason she has got into the position she is in at this time is due to the dumbing down of our youth and low information voters.

To prove that, all you need to do is check out the latest exchange on Twitter.

Oh, and before I go any further, can I just say that Twitter has become so much more fun since Elon Musk bought it.


Ok, back to AOC again.

The socialist darling is pretty conceited and at the same time completely ditzy.

Any time that someone even criticizes her on the social media platform AOC believes it is cause they secretly want to date her. I mean, if that attitude doesn’t set the feminist movement back 20 or 30 years, I don’t know what will.

At any rate, AOC has a lot to say about others, but can’t handle it when anyone pushes back on her. She’s a typical liberal female millennial, who retreats to her safe place when challenged and blames everything on big, bad men.

So, it probably was not a good idea for her to try to bash one of the best online trolls Twitter has to offer: Elon Musk, who also happens to be the proud new owner of Twitter, to boot.

But AOC doesn’t know any better, and besides when things go wrong, she just blames her “good looks,” right?

AOC took to Twitter where she chastised Elon Musk for his “big ego,” which supposedly made him buy Twitter, and all the impending hate speech that will follow, and also for going to dinner with Tucker Carlson and Peter Thiel.

Well, AOC may have been proud of herself for that petty, teenage attack, but she didn’t have long to bask in her sophomoric glory, because Elon swooped in and delivered one of the best responses ever.

Here’s what he said: “Stop hitting on me, I’m really shy.”

As I’ve said all along, the best way to bring down these progressive elites is with mocking and humor.

They can’t handle it.

You can call them liars, cheaters, traitors, hypocrites, and communists, and none of that will phase them in the least… but the moment you laugh at them and mock them, they crumble.

So, keep it up!

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