Are Demonic Possessions Occurring at the Portland Riots?

The forces of darkness are winning the Battle of Portland because they have enlisted demonic help. In fact, it seems Antifa/BLM forces in Portland are operating under the command and control of Satanic Headquarters.


How Demons Operate

The spiritual world is legalistic. Demons are allowed to tempt humans. If the human, exercising free will, responds to the demonic prompts, trouble ensues.

Adam C. Blai is the Peritus of Religious Demonology and Exorcism for the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh and one of the leading lay experts on demons in the United States. He has assisted ordained priests in dozens of solemn exorcisms and hundreds of less severe cases.

In his book, Hauntings, Possessions, and Exorcisms, Blai provides basic facts about human-demon interaction.

  • Demons are fallen angels.
  • The spiritual world is legalistic.
  • God makes the rules, and spirits cannot break them.
  • Humans exercise free will in choosing whether or not to respond to demonic overtures. This free will permits humans to surrender their legal rights to demons.
  • Demons are limited to whatever legal rights people have given them by their free-will choices.
  • The free will choices of parents for their children can provide legal rights for interactions. Parents can turn over their children’s bodies to demons.
  • There are five types of spiritual cases, but the two types that seem to be at work in Antifa/BLM are oppression and possession.

Once a person has surrendered his legal rights to demons, only God can restore the person’s freedom and only with the will and consent of the oppressed or possessed.

Normal Demonic Oppression and Possession

In most cases of possession, the possessed do something to surrender some legal rights to demons. Actions that can invite demonic influence include participating in a seance, play with an Ouija board, ask some “spirit” of nature to assist them in finding a job, meeting a mate. But mere sinfulness, neglect of prayer, or wishing for temporal gains can open the door to evil spirits.

Once we crack the door to the diabolic, demons exploit this invitation to demand we surrender even more rights to them. The possessed wants to be free from the demonic possession but is afraid of the demons. Michel Chiron, an educator in an institute for the mentally disabled, explains the process.

Feeling lonely after a divorce, Chiron decided to seek “answers” with a pendulum and Scrabble letters. Having fallen away from the Catholic faith of his youth, Chiron turned to the “spirit” world for help. He told National Catholic Register in a 2019 interview:

But one day, the letters said: “Now, we won’t need the pendulum anymore. We will talk to you directly, from inside you.” And I immediately heard weird voices coming from my head, from my chest and throat. They wanted to show me they could totally control me. At some point, they said, “It is the devil speaking.” I was so afraid. I trashed the pendulum right away and went immediately to bed. I slept like a brick. When I woke up, they started playing with me. “Yesterday we scared you, but now we will tell you the truth,” they said.


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