Just When You Thought The Worst Was Over, An Old Killer Is COMING BACK!

A year ago, the world was terrified of COVID-10, but this year the panic is beginning to subside despite the constant fear-mongering from the mainstream media. So, in order to get everyone back on the fear wagon, they are conjuring up a new scare tactic. but this time it could be serious. At this moment, the United States is monitoring at least 86 people for Ebola.

As we know the left will never let a good crisis go to waste so it begs the question. Is this another false plandemic disguised as something actually deadly? Or is it real and people are going to be going through a sinister disease? It’s hard to say right now. All we know is that ebola is back in the mainstream media, along with scary news headlines designed to make us all afraid.

“As more and more Americans question the government-approved narrative behind the current pandemic, the powers that be sense that they’re losing control over the people that that narrative was designed to subjugate. Enter Ebola!” Hart says.

A few states are monitoring people who have traveled to African countries where infection rates have spiked in recent months. Ebola is being to really have an effect on Africa. Ebola is far deadly than the current hoax scamdemic. It actually can kill people and cause hemorrhaging from their bodily orifices.

So far, most of those being monitored are said to be at a “low risk” of contracting Ebola.  If this is serious, then why haven’t flights to ebola-stricken areas of Africa stopped? Travel restrictions are still in place for COVID, but not Ebola?

Some things make little sense right now.  In the coming days and weeks, we should begin to see if this Ebola is a scare tactic, a real threat, and how much of it was “artificially initiated” by those seeking the complete totalitarian enslavement of humanity.

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