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[Audio] Gennifer Flowers Discusses Aborting Bill Clinton’s Baby



Gennifer Flowers spoke to Breitbart News about what she went through when she aborted Bill Clinton’s baby.  He did shell out the $200 dollars the procedure cost.  Flowers said that she wasn’t as careful with birth control thn she normally would be but that was because Bill told her he couldn’t father children.  It seemed right to her because after all, Bill and Hillary didn’t have children.

From Breitbart News:

“Interesting story. I was a news reporter at the time. I also had a little show, a little for your information show and I had on the lady who was running the abortion clinic because needless to say it was very controversial in town. And I had had her on my show. Well, little did I know at that very moment I was actually pregnant. Well that was in 1977. And I found out later after that interview. And I told her, you know, to arrange something hopefully that was sort of private.

“But yes, I told him (Bill Clinton). And deep down I wanted to hear him say okay well I’m going to get a divorce and we’ll have this baby and everything is going to be fine. And the first words out of his mouth were, ‘Well you know I will pay for an abortion.’

“And of course my heart sunk. And then the reality you know hit me right in the face. That he was married and he was going to stay married. And that’s the way it was. So I thought fine. I wasn’t prepared to have a baby and raise it on my own so I decided to go ahead and have the abortion.”

Flowers recounted what she said were the emotional and physical effects of the abortion:

“It was not only physically painful but it was very psychologically painful. Because I love him. And it was really psychologically a horrible thing to go through. I remember after the procedure was done I went into a room. I was sitting there and I just started sobbing and it seemed like the subs came from my stomach and up. It was the deepest sobs that I’ve ever done. And anyway like I said it was a horrible experience in every way.

“…When I drove into the clinic there were protesters. And I was afraid somebody was going to recognize me as a news reporter. And anyway, got inside and then at a point you know I had the procedure. And I was able to be alone in a room.”

She said Clinton paid $200 for the abortion procedure.

I asked whether she was certain that the baby was his.

“Absolutely,” she replied. “Which I find amusing when I hear the stories that Bill supposedly can’t have kids. To that point he and Hillary didn’t have any children. Didn’t have Chelsea yet. And he had told me that he didn’t think that he could have kids. And that was why I was more casual with birth control then I would have been normally.”

Flowers said that Clinton was emotionally there for her afterwards. “He was very sweet,” she said. “And gentle. And seemed very sorry that I had gone through what I had. I don’t think that he would have changed his mind. But he sincerely seemed to have sympathy and like I said and also cared about the physical pain as well.”



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