• April 15, 2024

Bakery Owners That Were Forced To Close Say, Churches Will Be Forced To Fly Rainbow Flags

Aaron Klein, the Christian co-owner of a bakery in Oregon that refused service to a lesbian couple, recently claimed that churches in the U.S. will have to fly rainbow flags in the future (video below).

Aaron and his wife Melissa were fined $135,000 earlier this month by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries for violating the state’s non-discrimination law. However, the Christian couple has raised $150,000 via an online fund-raising campaign, noted KGW.

Appearing on Rick Wiles’ “Trunews” Internet program last week, Aaron made his prediction about churches being forced to fly rainbow pride flags, notes RightWingWatch.org.

Aaron stated:

 You gotta understand, right now the heads around the church, the church building, the people that work within the building, the people who sit in the pews on Sunday are not protected. We’ve got to stand up, we’ve got to make our voices heard. We have to use what we can right now to stem the tide, because if we don’t, we will find it inside the church. You will have the rainbow flag flying above your church because they will be considered “hate.”

Wiles compared German churches that flew Nazi flags to “cowardly, wimpy” churches in the U.S. that will fly rainbow flags. He added that the rainbow flag and the swastika flag are the same thing.

Aaron blamed his situation in Oregon on “the idea that we would have a different view of marriage,” and claimed that he has received support from gay people.

The Kleins have become Christian celebrities, and appeared at a Family Research Council event in 2014 to recall their alleged persecution.

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