• October 1, 2022

Band-Aids Are Now Deemed Racist Because They Only Come In One Color

A complaint by a feminist, anti-racist ‘blogger’ has prompted a Swedish pharmacy chain to search out a manufacturer of ‘dark’ band-aids.

A discussion on government-funded Radio Sweden precipitated the controversy, as a spokeswoman for the national Apoteket chain of pharmacies went head-to-head with Every Day Racism blog author and Left-party campaigner Paula Dahlberg.

Triggering a national discussion about whether sticking plasters are a symptom of something more sinister, Dahlberg said the beige coloured patches were symptomatic of what she called the everyday “whiteness norm” where manufacturers presumed their customers to be white by default.

She said on radio:  “Usually I try and find a clear plaster, to try and be a little more discreet, precisely because there are no plasters available close to my skin colour… it’s part of what is usually called the whiteness norm, that white people are normal”.

White people currently make up around 90-per-cent of the Swedish population.

Pharmacy spokesman Eva Fernvall was absolutely horrified to have the charge of racism levelled at her, and remarked “It is a bit embarrassing that we haven’t thought of it ourselves”, promising to stock darker hues in future.

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