• June 20, 2024

[BATHROOM] Parents Have Filed a Lawsuit Against School and Obama


At least 11 families have filed a lawsuit against their children’s school and the Obama administration over boy claiming to be transgender twerking and sexually harassing the girls in the bathroom.  The transgender student is referred to only as Student X.  He is allowed in any bathroom or locker room he wants.  He twerks, grinds and plays music with suggestive lyrics.  He lifts his skirt to show the girls his underwear and package.  He has asked girls their bra size and made other comments about their bodies.

The parents decided they had enough and are being represented by Alliance Defending Freedom.

“No student should be forced to use private facilities at school, like locker rooms and restrooms, with students of the opposite sex.”

Obama has notified schools that they would lose funding unless they allow perverts to roam freely where girls are undressing.

From The Daily Caller:

When the girls expressed discomfort, the school told them they could use a secondary locker room located in the basement.

Another female student used a vacant boy’s locker room in the hopes of having privacy, according the lawsuit. But the transgender student went to that locker room as well and took off his pants in front of her and other girls present.

“Telling girls that their privacy and modesty don’t merit a private and secure changing area is an attack on women,” said Gary McCaleb, a lawyer with Alliance Defending Freedom.



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