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Believe It Or Not There’s a Top 10 Weed Songs List, And Here It Is [VIDEO]

There’s nothing better than to spark up on some killer chronic, sit back and listen to a few weed songs to elevate your high. Of course, listening to music while high is always an enjoyable experience, yet when you’re listening to a tune that has been specifically catered to the cannabis community, it’s a whole different flavor of awesome.


This is why I have crafted up my own list on the top 10 best weed songs to smoke to. Obviously the list is subjective so if I don’t list a song you like feel free to add it in the comment section and help your fellow stoners discover awesome tunes. I have gone through the old school, new school and in between to find the best tracks to listen to while high that specifically relate to…well…getting high!

So let’s take a trip and find some stoner sounds that will put a smile on that face to accompany those cashed eyes of yours.

NOTE: I’m not putting on Afro Man’s “Cuz I got High” because if you pay close attention to the song, it’s really not about the awesomeness of weed, but how much of a loser the dude is because he got high. So He can take a shot of bong water for all I care.

Snoop Dogg – Smoke Weed Everyday

This weed song was a stoner anthem for several years. Snoop Dogg is probably one of the most prolific West Coast rappers that is internationally known as an iconic stoner. His love relationship with the sticky icky is definitely known to the public. It’s no surprise that he in turn writes about one of his favorite activities and with “Smoke Weed Everyday” he truly made a masterpiece. It’s a song that will long be associated with the sticky green herb we all love so much.


Cypress Hill – Dr. Greenthumb

Another ensemble of epic stoners has to be Cypress Hill. These Old School rappers have a bunch of reefer related tunes such as Hits from the Bong, I want to get high, Smoke Weed, Roll it up Light it up and more, however I’m going with Doctor Greenthumb on this list. The epic intro of Dr. Greenthumb is not only hilarious, but hits every single note of the growers woe and is an infomercial I’d like to see for real one day.


Sublime (The Toyes) – Smoke Two Joints

Sublime was the soundtrack of my youth, along with a few other bands. Nonetheless, this Sublime Cover of Smoke Two Joints (originally by The Toyes) is what being a stoner is all about. The entire track oozes cannabis from the bong intro to the trippy guitars. There was absolutely no way I’d make a list of the top ten weed songs and not have Sublime featured.


Peter Tosh – Legalize It

Many people have heard this stoner anthem. Peter Tosh, a legendary Reggae artist and avid cannabis advocate exemplifies everything about why cannabis needs to be legalized. He also goes down the list of the different names of weed so that’s a bonus. Nonetheless, this is a song that definitely had to be featured on a weed top 10 list.


Rick James – Mary Jane

What do you get when you mix the 70s with weed and a love song? You get Rick James’ Mary Jane and it’s definitely a masterpiece. This song has been used in several movies depicting the first ever encounter with the sacred herb. This is a great song to get high with and then bone, because it eloquently meshes together all the right elements.


Tom Petty – You don’t know how it feels

This song is a stoner classic. As you can notice by this list, I’m trying to vary the genre a bit and this is why Tom Petty made it on the list. The bridge of this song depicts exactly why this song belongs on the list. “Let me get to the point, and roll another joint”….I mean come on…


South Park Mexican – Mary Go Round

S.P.M sings about drugs…a lot! Mary Go Round is one of those songs that is made for stoners. The beats, the rhymes the melody all puts you in the right state of mind to get zonked out of your mind. I remember when I was a teenager I used to smoke fatties and listen to this song as I chilled on my bed. I hope, I introduce this artist to a new generation of stoners.


Wiz Khalifa – Reefer Party

Never miss a party by Wiz Khalifa ! Every time I listen to this song I want to roll up a joint and smoke a bowl.


John Holt – Police in Helicopter

This weed song captivates the spirit of the rebel stoner. It talks about the state of prohibition in the world and how the cannabis community will revolt against the system. There is also a Drum and Base version of this song which is quite badass. I definitely recommend this tune for people who want to blaze and listen to some cool tunes.


Bob Marley – Kaya

What’s a Top Ten Weed Song list without Marley. Kaya is a smooth tune that is perfect for your morning wake and bakes. Jam with Marley and listen to Kaya because “I got to have Kaya NOW!”


More and more states are legalizing it. Mostly because they figured out how to tax it. But even so, this means it’s getting more popular than ever before. Is that good thing or not? I guess it depends on how you feel about smoking weed.

I personally don’t smoke weed, but here’s one of my favorite weed songs. Pretty much because the singer is my son, who unfortunately smokes weed.



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