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Benghazi Security Officer Warned: Everyone Here is Going to Die

all going to die


The former security officer at the Benghazi compound warned his superiors that security was non existent at the compound.  He went so far as to say that everyone there was going to die.  He referred to working there as a suicide mission.  The agent identified only as  Agent B testified to the Select Committee on Benghazi.  He explained that parts of the walls in Benghazi were lattices that terrorists could use to fire into the compound from the outside.  There were walls with footholds that would allow terrorists to climb the walls that were as short as 4 feet in some places.

The agent said he was given the runaround when he tried to address the security at the compound:

When I took over as RSO, I called [the DS Desk Officer], because I was getting the runaround on some physical security requests, complaining to him vigorously, you know, what the problem was.

I told him that, you know—to use frank language, I told him that this was a suicide mission; that there was a very good chance that everybody here was going to die; that there was absolutely no ability here to prevent an attack whatsoever; that we were in a completely vulnerable position, and we needed help fast, we needed it quickly, or we were going to have dire consequences.

The agent goes on, relating his experiences in trying to address the lack of security:

Our perimeter security is non-existent, we have walls with lattices that somebody can shoot through; we have walls with footholds people can climb over; we have a 4-foot wall back here; we have no lighting.  So all these physical security standards, especially around the perimeter of the building, were completely insufficient, and we needed large amounts of money and this was going to take time, it was going to be expensive, but we needed this desperately to make this place safe.

Agent B said that a superior informed him that DC employees at the State Department expected deaths in Benghazi to such an extent that they were already discussing a security investigation, or Accountability Review Board, to probe the Benghazi facility following any fatalities there.

[Redacted] told me, he said, [Redacted], everybody back here in D.C. knows that people are going to die in Benghazi, and nobody cares and nobody is going to care until somebody does die.  The only thing that you and I can do is save our emails for the ARB that we all know is coming.  So this was December of 2011.  He made it very clear to me that in DS/IP, in the State Department, and he was speaking very broadly, that everybody knew that deaths in Benghazi were very likely, and that they were already talking about an ARB.

Yet, today all the lame stream press are claiming there is nothing new in the report and that Hillary is not responsible for the 4 deaths of Americans.

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