• September 23, 2022

Bernie Sanders Supporters Plan to Disrupt Democratic National Convention


The supporters of Bernie Sanders are signing up to attend the DNC convention with the intent of shaking up the convention for Bernie.  Two thousand have already signed up to attend.  They plan on disrupting which is shaping up to be a coronation of Hillary Clinton.  The mainstream press isn’t advertising it, but the democrats are as split as the republicans.  Possibly more since the DNC has stacked the deck so far in the favor of Clinton, it’s no wonder Bernie’s supporters are so upset.

Bryan Carpenter is leading the movement being called the  “American Civil Revolution.”  He said:

Here is my thought… American Civil Revolution?? Please share and spread this as much as you can… We need to organize the 9.9 million person march on Philly in July for the convention… If all of us can get Bernie close to nomination and then walk and occupy the convention, it would mean a shutdown of the city for 2 days and the most massive protest since the revolutionary war but with no violence… I will do it and I will bring friends.. We can change the course of human history and save the planet for our children… Add me, share me, message me… I am looking for organizers and those ready to be remembered as the ones at the catalyst of this revolution…#BernieSanders2016#FeelTheBern#Weareone#Revolution#BernDNC

From Breitbart:

Laurie Cestnick, who is also an Occupy the DNC Convention event organizer, told Breitbart News that “Clinton trolls have been sabotaging Bernie pages” and attempting to shut them down.

The presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has garnered more pledged delegates overall, but may need the party’s “superdelegates” to win, which has resulted in rage against the political establishment.

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