Bet you haven’t seen this type of prank in Walmart [video]

Riding tall in the saddle has a whole new meaning in a Houston Walmart. Two men decided to add their Texas-sized prank to the hall of fame or shame, depending on your view, by riding two horses down the aisles of the store. According to the UPI, Woody Fields decided he needed to do a little grocery shopping and recorded it sitting in the saddle atop his horse.


Walmart officials failed to see any humor in what Fields and his fellow equestrian rider who also decided to take a leisurely stroll with his horse inside the crowded store. This was a “reckless stunt,” is how Walmart stated it. But apparently, the sight of the two horses in the store did not cause a stir amongst the store security because UPI reported that the security personnel did nothing to halt the horses or their riders.

Of course, many of the youngsters were quite fascinated at seeing the horses in the store. Not so fascinating was the fact that one of the horses had to relieve itself in one of the aisles. But Fields assured everyone that he was doing it merely for fun. He stressed, “I was just trying to make people smile and laugh,” according to UPI. He added, “I wasn’t trying to hurt nobody, or do anything destructive. It was just, like, you only live once, you know? That’s all.”

The Houston Humane Society did not find any humor in Field’s or the other rider’s little prank. In a statement they emphasized, “At minimum, riding a horse inside a store is incredibly irresponsible. This would be extremely stressful on any horse. Horses can easily become spooked, endangering not only themselves, but also any shoppers they might encounter.”

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