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Between 2001 and 2014 There Were 380 Foreign Born Terrorists Convicted

Liberals are using a very specifically small target group to try and convince people that terrorism especially from foreigners is not a threat.  That’s jjust not true.  There have been 580 convictions on terrorism charges.  Of those 380 were foreign born and most of the rest are home grown Islamic extremists.

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Fox News found 24 terrorists from the 7 on the banned list of Trump’s who committed terrorism in this country and the number is much higher, we know.

The Federalist reported:

If one were truly interested in whether there is a terror threat from individuals born abroad, one would examine the totality of activity, not a narrowly constructed definition aimed to minimize it. That’s what senators Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions did last June when they examined 580 individuals successfully prosecuted on terrorism offenses from September 2001 until 2014. According to the senators, 380 were foreign-born and at least 40 were refugees. While not all of those cases involved successful or attempted terror attacks, all involved cases that were terrorism-related.

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