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Biden Suddenly Is Begging for Donald Trump’s Help — And Trump Delivers, Big Time

For weeks, the Biden administration has been dismissive over what the Trump administration had done for the American people in the last four years. Hell, months? Let’s say years for the sake of argument.

The left has been vitriolic to Trump and his supporters calling us every name in the book, and now their newly appointed “king” is asking for Trump’s help.

On Monday, the Biden administration relented and said it would “support” Donald Trump lending a hand with one of its biggest initiatives, and on Tuesday, the former president delivered.

Circle back girl, Jen Psaki was asked about the possibility of Donald Trump spreading the word about the latest vaccine efforts on Monday.

“Every other living president… has participated in public campaigns. They did not need an engraved invitation to do so. So he may decide he should do that. If so, great,” Psaki said.

“If former President Trump woke tomorrow and wanted to be more vocal about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, certainly we support that.”

In a prime time interview on Fox News, Donald Trump did just that — but with a major caveat that most of the news media is downplaying.


“So, Mr. President, I know that you received the vaccine, Mrs. Trump also got the vaccine, would you recommend to our audience that they get the vaccine, then?”

“I would,” Trump replied. “I would recommend it. And I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it. And a lot of those people voted for me, frankly. But, you know, again, we have our freedoms. And we have to live by that. I agree with that, also.”

The president also touted his critical role in making sure the vaccines were available to Americans as soon as possible.

“But we got a vaccine done in 9 months,” he continued. “And fortunately, that’s not only going to save our country, it’s going to save the world.”

Trump also voiced his opinion on Biden failing to give him credit for the vaccine, and also body slamming Dr. Fauci and other “experts” who were often found to be wrong about COVID-19.
“We did a great job, we get very little credit for it,” he replied. “I closed the country far earlier, Dr. Fauci, and Birx, and all of these people that frankly made nothing but mistakes, they didn’t want to do it, they didn’t want to close it to China. I closed the border to China. I closed the border to Europe, Italy, and all these countries that were having tremendous problems, long before they wanted me to do it.”
“And if you look at Biden, he didn’t want to do it months afterward,” he continued. “And he admitted that he made a mistake in saying that. If I didn’t do that, we would have had hundreds of thousands of more lives gone.”

“But the big thing… and I’ve always felt it was the most important, is the vaccine,” Trump went on. “The key was always going to be the vaccine.”

However, Trump wasn’t done. He also took a shot at Biden concerning his comment in January suggesting that he had forgotten that he had already taken the vaccine himself.

“And when Biden got the vaccine in December,” Trump pointed out, “And on January 20th, he made a statement that he doesn’t think we have vaccines. Now, I don’t know, did he make that statement as the statement, or did he not actually know that we had the vaccine. What’s going on there?”

Newsmax has pointed out that many Republican-leaning men are balking at taking the vaccine.

“A recent PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll showed that 49% of Republican men say they do not plan to get vaccinated, the largest number of those polled,” Newsmax reported.

“Many believe Trump’s influence could change their minds, perhaps leading to herd immunity more quickly,” it added.

Listen, if people who support Trump or not take the vaccines it is because they researched and decided what is best for their own body, and they don’t need anyone to endorse it.

Just because one supports Trump does not mean they will do anything and everything he said.

Hell, I support Trump but that doesn’t mean I will be taking a vaccine that has not been tested for long-term side effects. So, just cause Trump says it is good and he supports it does not mean much to me and it shouldn’t to you. That is the difference between conservatives and liberals. One group of people will do due diligence when researching while the other group blindly follows their leader without thoughts of potential downsides.

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