Biden’s Deep State Already Prepping For the Next Big Steal!

Anyone that wants to get something done properly will always plan for it. Take someone moving from one house to another.

When my wife and I moved out of our home in Pennsylvania for a lovely place in Florida about five years ago, we planned everything about seven months in advance. Booked the movers four months in advance. Every day for about five months we slowly packed stuff away in boxes and got rid of things until the day came with a month to go before moving day we only had out the stuff we needed for three days at once.

We had this planned down to the T of T’s. So much, that we had nothing to do for the last two weeks, just to wait. Now, this was just for a couple of people moving a thousand miles. Do you really think that knowing all of this, that the Biden Administration wouldn’t already try putting the pieces in place for them to be able to steal the 2024 election?

Palace officials are ramping up for the next big heist, the regime is planting their Deep State operatives into high ranking slots at the United States Postal Service. The whole plot is designed for Big Brother Biden to hold firm totalitarian control over what used to be America.

Anything that the New World Order wants from the United States Postal Service will be a lot easier to obtain now that Joe Biden gets to appoint three new members to the USPS board of governors.

That, DailyWire writes, will cement Imperialist “influence over the board that oversees the postmaster general and the federal mail agency.”

Imperial Leader Biden will slot Ron Stroman, Anton Hajjar and Amber McReynolds “to the three seats that remain open.” That gives the palace a lot more control over the mail, inside sources leak. Moving election ballots around in the middle of the night and backdating them will be much smoother and less obvious next time around.

Liberals are happy that the appointments will “diversify” the board by adding two men of color and a woman. The only thing that could be better is if they were all gay as well.

Right now, the post office isn’t real popular with the masses.

Nobody wants to talk about the accusations of election mail interference, especially Joe Biden but Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has been taking a lot of heat for slow mail delivery. Now that the palace has put loyalists on the board, his days are numbered.

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