Big Tech Has Taken A NOSEDIVE Since Gagging Trump!

The thing that people have to realize is that there are consequences to everything under the sun.

For example, if I have bad service at a restaurant, I could always tell them that I am not coming back. It may not affect them if it is just me.

However, if enough people have enough bad reviews and decide not to come back, that could force that place to make a choice to change what they are doing or go out of business.

So far, over the last two trading periods, Facebook and Twitter have collectively wiped out $51.2 Billion in combined market value since the banning of the President of the United States from their platforms. Meanwhile, the removal of Trump supporters from their platforms continues with no end in sight.

This time, however, the big tech bullies who have been working for years to demote and remove conservative content from their platforms while simultaneously pretending to be unbiased social media platforms have finally crossed the line.

Without any clear evidence of their claims, oligarchs Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, and Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, blamed President Trump for the violence that took place on January 6 inside the nation’s Capitol building in Washington DC.

Mark Zuckerberg came out with an arrogant public statement to explain Facebook’s decision to put a muzzle on the President of the United States until after the election. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made a public statement where he explained that President Trump is banned for life from his highly censored social media platform.

Dorsey also defended the actions of monopolies Google, Amazon, and Apple after they went out of their way to harm the free-speech alternative, Parler, from taking followers by the millions from Facebook and Twitter.

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