• April 20, 2024

Bikers Stepped In After Hearing Marine Was Being Treated Less Than Honorably

If you’re not aware of The Patriot Guard, you should be. They are a national non-profit group of patriotic bikers who honor and defend our troops. Their goal is to “honor the nation’s fallen heroes and their families through non-violent methods, such as blocking protesters from the funerals of deceased servicemen and women.”

Most recently, they took action about the transport of the ashes of a fallen U.S. Marine to his mother who lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He died after major injuries during seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, at the age of 41. The Patriot Guard learned his ashes were going to be SHIPPED in the mail from California. Hardly the type of respect a fallen Marine deserved.

That’s when the bikers organized a cross-country group ride and personally delivered the ashes to the grieving mother.

“Best way to bring him home. As Patriot Guard Riders, most of us do ride. This is what we do. We show honor and respect for fallen heroes everyday, and this is just a different extension of that,” Jerry Ashbee said.
Staff Sergeant Johnathan Turner also enjoyed riding motorcycles. Johnny Rivera, a fellow Patriot Guard Rider also said, “As long as we got troops overseas, until they all come home we will be there for them.”

This is fantastic news! The Patriot Guard spent their own time and resources to treat this fallen Marine with proper honor and respect. Every day, men and women of the United States military risk their lives, and many have been killed in action. We can never repay them for their sacrifice, but we must honor their memory in a noble fashion.

Found at The Political Insider 

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