• April 15, 2024

BIKERS STEPPED UP: When Hearing Marine’s Remains Were Coming Home In USPS Box

This is why bikers are pretty damn awesome!

Staff Sergeant Jonathan Turner served seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and died in California from combat-related injuries.

 His mother was unable to make the trip from Georgia to California for the funeral and the Marine Corps handled all of the funeral arrangements – including shipping Staff Sergeant ashes back home.
And that didn’t sit well with Patriot Guard riders, so they stepped up by creating a caravan and personally escorting SSgt Turner’s remains all the way across the country.

“I got on the road at 6 o’clock [Friday] night out of Huntsville, Alabama and I rode over to Oklahoma,” Asha Lamy said. “I need the family to know that you’re not alone and we care.”

Each time the remains were turned over to another group of riders, a ceremony was held to pay their respects for the fallen warrior.

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