• May 27, 2024

Bill Clinton Let the Cat Out of the Bag on Hillary’s Health


Author Edward Klein, who wrote “Unlikable, The Problem with Hillary Clinton,” included information coming from Bill that proves that he was deeply worried about her health.  In his book, Klein wrote that Bill Clinton didn’t think his wife was healthy enough to run for president.

Klein wrote:

“Last year, Clinton was forced to cancel meetings and cut back on campaigning because of her health. She told those around her that her doctors couldn’t find a “definitive problem,” but “Bill believed she was in denial and was ignoring what could be life-threatening symptoms.”

During the campaign, we have seen her going into coughing fits many times, looking unsteady on her feet, getting lost and confused in the middle of speeches and several other signs that her health is not good.  She refuses to release any of her medical records.

From The Conservative Tribune:

Klein said that Bill Clinton was worried that his wife would fall or stumble at a critical moment during her campaign, giving away the fact that she simply “wasn’t up to” the job of being president. But when he approached her about how campaigning was affecting her health, she allegedly “blew up” at him and said, “You’re acting like a f***ing quitter and loser. You’re projecting your own health problems onto me. I’m not dying.”

That certainly sounds like someone who is denial, but what Clinton can’t deny is that the majority of voters want to see her medical records.

She also can’t deny the fact that even he husband is worried — and he, of all people, should know how sick she is.

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