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Bill O’Reilly Going on Vacation..May Be Permanent [VIDEO]

Fox News star, Bill O’Reilly has announced that he will be taking 2 weeks of vacation but reports are coming out that it might become permanent.  Rumors from inside the network claims that younger son, James Murdoch wants O’Reilly gone while Rupert and eldest son Lachlan wants him to stay.  My own personal opinion?  I think O’Reilly will find a plausible reason for retiring with grace rather than face being fired.  He had been considering retirement before the sexual harassment accusations began. Ironically, sponsors are pulling out just as his ratings are soaring.


 Embattled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly announced on Tuesday that he will be going off the air for almost two weeks, to take a vacation.
The anchor’s announcement comes amid an ongoing controversy over sexual harassment allegations made against him and a new report that James Murdoch wants him out of the company for good.
The claims prompted 60 sponsors to drop advertising deals with the prime time show and led to an internal investigation.
Four network sources told New York Magazine that it’s possible O’Reilly’s getaway could turn into a permanent vacation.

The Murdoch family, the owners of Fox, are reportedly split on what to do about O’Reilly.
Rupert Murdoch and his eldest son Lachlan are said to be inclined to keep O’Reilly, while younger son James – the CEO of 21st Century Fox – wants to give him the boot.
James also pushed to fire Roger Ailes amid last summer’s sex scandal, and sources think he could be successful in weeding out O’Reilly this time around.

O’Reilly claims that this is a vacation that’s long been planned, but I have never seen a host who makes the announcement that he will be going on vacation at the last moment like this.

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