Black America wake up: Trump had plan to help Inner Cities 30 years ago! [video]

Even if liberals have tried to re-write President Trump’s 30-plus year old commitment to help revitalize America’s often forgotten residents of the nation’s inner cities, the video proof does not lie. Did Trump just start talking about helping Inner Cities recently during the 2016 presidential campaign? Nope, the video does not lie. He said the same thing for over 30 years earlier. Watch and share the truth.


While then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary were lying, cheating and covering up their way tracks through scandal after scandal, Donald Trump was devising a plan to emancipate black and minority residents from years of liberal traumatizing poverty policies.

Blacks who came out and voted for GOP presidential candidate Trump, had been lied to about his real history of supporting job creation, economic development and inner city improvement going back as far back as the mid-80’s. Liberals have made every attempt to cover up the truth.

One can only imagine how many more millions of black voters would have headed to the polls to vote for President Trump if fear mongering and race baiting democrat tactics engineered by Clinton and the democrats had not kept them from voting for a future that was divorced from the historic poverty-stricken liberal policies of the past sixty plus years.

Watch the real truth behind President Trump’s sincere claim to revitalize the nation’s inner cities and view why urban America will be voting in larger historic numbers in 2020 for his re-election. Share the video and the truth!!

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