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Black BLM Protesters Removed From Sessions Confirmation Hearings [VIDEOS]

Black protesters were removed from the confirmation hearing for Sen Jeffrey Sessions, after shouting that Sessions is a racist.  The left are using three things to label Sessions a racist.  The first two are things Sessions said supposedly 25 years ago, both of which Sessions denies and the liberals have no proof of.  The third item is his prosecution of civil rights leader Albert Turner Sr and his wife for voter fraud.  Their son, Albert Turner Jr says that Sessions only acted upon the evidence handed him by a local prosecutor and Turner denies that Sessions is a racist.



The funny thing is that no liberal is talking about Session’s actual record in Alabama.  Sessions initiated several lawsuits forcing segregated schools to allow blacks in and he prosecuted clansman head Henry Francis Hayes for murdering a black man.  After he got a conviction, he fought for and won the death penalty for Hayes.  The result was a 7 million dollar judgement against the Klan that halted their operations in Alabama.




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