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Black Councilwoman Forced to Apologize Over Criticism of Black on Black Crime


In what has to be one of the most ridiculous acts of political correctness of all time, a black councilwoman was forced to apologize for the fact that she criticized black on black shootings.  Democratic San Diego City Councilwoman Myrtle Cole held a community meeting in her district to address police shootings of poor innocent black men with rap sheets longer than War and Peace.  The meeting was attended by voters in her district as well as several fellow city council members — council president Sherri Lightner and members Todd Gloria, David Alvarez and Lorie Zapf.

One week later at a council meeting, Cole spoke of a group of young people, she described as disruptive and disrespectful.  The subject of racial profiling came up and Cole said that she supported her community but that she also wanted to address black on black shootings.  That’s when all hell broke loose, because you are not supposed to mention taboo subjects like that.  You are not supposed to mention the fact that the vast majority of shootings are black on black.

Cole said:

“There’s more black-on-black shootings in our nation than ever before, 340 shootings and murders in Chicago the first six months, 120 shootings and murders in Memphis first six months, 28 homicides here in San Diego. Black-on-black crime is an issue and that was never addressed, that’s why when someone says to you, support, you know, do you think there’s racial profiling, yeah because blacks are shooting blacks. So who do they stop? They’re not going to stop a white male, they’re not going to stop a Hispanic male or an Asian male, they’re going to stop an African American, that’s who they’re going to stop because those are the ones that’s shooting.”

For that statement, Cole was forced to apologize online:


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